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Millistream continues to focus on Scandinavian IPO:s

Millistream, leading provider of real-time market data and Scandinavian content, raises the bar and continues to supply additional information for new listed companies in Scandinavia. Our vision is to provide information at the first trading day. This includes information about the CEO and Chairman, headquarter address and contact information, company descriptions, ownership data for Swedish companies […]

New company descriptions added for US companies

Millistream, leading provider of real-time market data feeds and Scandinavian Content, continues to focus on broadening the supply of company descriptions. We are happy to announce that we have extended our international database, resulting in new company descriptions for all constituents in the S&P 500 index. The list includes 500 large US companies based on […]

Millistream improves and standardizes company descriptions for Scandinavia

Millistream, leading provider of real-time market data feeds, continues to extend the supply of Scandinavian Content. The company today announced that company descriptions for the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian- and Finnish market, are now standardized in size and content. A Millistream description will be standardized in the form of 350-500 signs, regardless of company size, stock […]

Millistream Database Application (MDA) version 0.9.40 released

The Millistream MDA project team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.9.40 of our open source application for updating SQL servers with data from the Millistream Data Feed. Fixed an error on PostgreSQL where escaped string containing forward slash “\” characters would be sent wrongly to the SQL server if “standard_conforming_strings” is enabled […]