Nordea goes live with the Millistream Trader in Finland

In addition to our existing cooperation with Swedbank, we can now reveal that another large bank has entered into an agreement with Millistream.

On the first of October, Nordea Private Banking in Finland started using Millistream Trader. Millistream Trader is a web-based financial information application used by retail and professional users.According to Nordea, The Millistream Trader was chosen for its ease of use and that Millistream, with a short deadline, could execute necessary adjustments according to Nordea’s requirements. 

Millistream will soon also launch estimates and recommendations data from Factset in Millistream Trader for Nordea’s users.

This deal further proves the competitiveness of Millistream Trader.

You are always welcome to contact us at for further information about the Millistream Trader.