Millistream announces the availability of NASDAQ BASIC

Millistream, leading provider of real-time market data feeds, today announced becoming a data vendor of NASDAQ BASIC.

NASDAQ BASIC offers best bid and offer and last sale information for all U.S. exchange-listed stocks , including odd lots, based on trade reports from the Nasdaq Market Center and the FINRA/NASDAQ Trade Reporting Facility.

“We are pleased to offer our customers access to Nasdaq Basic”, says Mats Fors, CTO and co-founder of Millistream. “We have dramatically expanded the data sources available through Millistream these last years and the addition of Nasdaq Basic is in line with our strategy to cover all major global markets”, Fors continues.

Nasdaq Basic is also available in the Millistream Sandbox.

Millistream becomes distributor of Alliance News

Millistream has signed a distributor agreement with Alliance News, a leading provider of real-time news for UK listed stocks and funds. Alliance adds its coverage of all 2,400 listed UK companies to the Millistream platform, making the news available to subscribing customers using Millistream’s feed and web solutions.

In addition to its coverage of UK listed stocks and funds, Alliance News includes news on blue-chip international stocks, earnings forecasts, broker ratings changes and political, economic and central bank news for the G7 plus China, Ireland and Switzerland.

For more information please contact:

Tom Waite, CEO Alliance News


Per Rastin, CEO Millistream

Millistream Adds MT Newswires

Millistream has signed a distributor agreement with MT Newswires.

MT Newswires’ Live Briefs Pro North America and Live Briefs Pro Global Markets feeds will be available to subscribing customers through Millistream’s feed and web solutions.

Millistream adds STOXX indices

Millistream adds the whole range of STOXX indices.

Millistream connects to Finesti

Millistream connects to Finesti, a subsidiary of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange for the investment fund industry.

Millistream adds STT

Millistream expands its Finnish content with STT press releases.

Millistream adds legal documents for mutual funds traded in the Nordic countries

Millistream adds legal documents for mutual funds traded in the Nordic countries.

Millistream adds Dow Jones News

Millistream has signed a distributor agreement with Dow Jones News. Millistream provides the news through feed, web and mobile solutions.

Millistream adds Turquoise and BATS

Millistream have signed vendor agreements with the MTF:s Turquoise and BATS.

Millistream adds ETF content for Toronto

Millistream adds ETF and ETN content on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Our content includes management fees for funds, our own class assigned, legal documents, and much more.