Millistream releases Nordic IPO-Survey 2021

We are happy to announce that our Nordic IPO Survey for 2021 is now published.

Our survey covers all Nordic listings during 2021 and gives you insight into the share price development, the variable distribution of sectors, P/E, profitability, dividend proposals, and much more interesting data.

Our Head of Content, Tom Nizic, comments on the release: 

” 2021 was an exciting year, where we continued to strengthen our position as the leading Nordic producer and provider of company data. The most significant addition was the development of the Millistream Sector Classification, also added to the survey.

The IPO Survey for the year 2021 will probably go into the history as the most comprehensive one we will ever produce:

– 245 listings, 9 Spinoffs, and 33 other categorized listings such as Private Placements, Reverse Acquisitions, and other types of CA.

Refining and using our data is of high value for the market and our clients, and the survey will continue to be published each year with new data and perspectives”.

The Millistream Nordic IPO-Survey 2021 can be downloaded below.

Millistream Nordic IPO Survey 2021