libmdf 1.0.20 installer for macOS

Millistream is proud to announce the release of version 1.0.20 of our open source Millistream Data Feed API for macOS.

Starting with v1.0.20 we provide libmdf via a signed pkg installer for macOS that can be downloaded from The installer contains three components of which two are optional:

  1. The libmdf core library file, needed for all applications that use libmdf. Installs to /usr/local/lib (mandatory)
  2. The libmdf development files, needed for developers who write C/C++ applications using libmdf. Installs to /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include (optional)
  3. The libmdf Java and JNI bindings, needed for applications written in Java and/or for developers who write Java applications using libmdf. Installs to /Library/Java/Extensions (optional)

Minimum requirements for the installer is macOS Sierra (10.12) and Java 8 (Spider) for the optional Java files. If you need support for older versions of either then please contact Millistream Tech support.

The full source code for libmdf can be downloaded from and the source code for the Java and JNI bindings can be downloaded from

Example code for both C/C++ and Java can be downloaded from, and full documentation can be found at