Millistream Database Application (MDA) version 0.9.47 released

The Millistream MDA project team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.9.47 of our open source application for updating SQL servers with data from the Millistream Data Feed.

  • MDA will now rerun updates from transactions that where rolled back automatically by the SQL server when it detects a Deadlock. When this happens MDA will create a log line with “Deadlocked so will rerun X queue items” where X will be replaced by the number of queue items that will be rerun.Note that this is not supported with the mod_mssql.dll driver since as far as we know OLEDB does not provide any information when a Deadlock happens or when a transaction is automatically rolled back. Users of Microsoft SQL Server are highly encouraged to switch to the new mod_odbc.dll driver that where introduced in v0.9.43 since OLEDB is a legacy driver anyway.
  • Added support for the new calculated columns in the keyratios table that are introduced in SQL schema v100.
  • Removed some unnecessary debug logging about duplicate keys in tables where this does not matter and where it can be part of the normal operation.
  • Removed some debug loggings for the orderbooks table that can be re enabled if really wanted by the new “debug” attribute in mda.config.
  • The Windows installer will now automatically stop the MDA system service if it’s running when the installer is executed, if so then the MDA system service will also be started once the installation completed. Instead of quitting when it detects that an instance of mda.exe is running it will now wait until the process terminates.The Windows installer can now also perform silent installs/upgrades by giving it “/S” as a command line argument.
  • Removed some cppcheck v1.87 warnings.

As earlier announced, as of v0.9.33 the database schema is developed independently of the MDA and the latest schema including upgrade scripts is available on our ftp server under the documents section  (MDA_schemas_[version].zip). As of this writing the latest database schema is v110 and is available from

Do note however that the latest schemas are only needed if you need the new columns/tables, they are not mandatory to operate the MDA!

We consider MDA 0.9.47 to be the best version of MDA available and we recommend that users of older versions upgrade as soon as possible.

MDA 0.9.47 is available for download from the following locations:

Windows users upgrade by running the installer for the new version.

Linux users who have added our apt or yum repositories can upgrade by simply issuing:

  • Debian/Ubuntu: “apt update && apt upgrade
  • Red Hat/CentOS/Amazon Linux AMI: “yum upgrade

Information on how to add these repositories are available at

And as usual, if you have any questions what so ever regarding this release or other things, don’t hesitate to contact us at