Millistream expands cooperation with Bonnier News

We are very happy to announce that Bonnier News and Millistream has entered into new cooperation. Millistream has been providing Bonnier News’ magazines and newspapers such as Dagens Industri, Dagens Nyheter, and Privata Affärer with market data and company information for many years.

Now, after Bonnier News has decided on a new and more straightforward technical setup, they have chosen to continue working with Millistream, but also to expand the cooperation.

Bonnier News will now use Millistream’s API ”MWS” to fetch market data and company information to the papers web sites and mobile apps. They will also continue using Millistream’s ”Push server” for streaming quotes and news.

What is new is also that Millistream will create ”ready for print” PDFs containing market data to Dagens Industri’s and Dagens Nyheter’s daily printed papers.

An additional new service that Millistream will provide to Bonnier News is Millistream’s ”Portfolio server” that Dagens Industri and Privata Affärer will use to manage and display users’ fictitious stock portfolios.