NGMX Fast exit of LifeAssays (2021-06-04) and Zordix (2021-06-14)

LifeAssays is being merged with AegirBio and will be delisted from Nordic SME with a last trading date of 2021-06-04. As of market open on 2021-06-07, LifeAssays B (weight of aprox 4.4%) will be replaced by Eurobattery Minerals (weight of aprox 2.5%) in the NGMX Index.

Zordix is planning to change market place from Nordic SME to Nasdaq First North Growth Market with a last trading date of 2021-06-14 on Nordic SME. As of market open on 2021-06-15, Zordix B (weight aprox 10.5%) will be replaced by Adverty (weight aprox 2.7% [0.3% before rebalancing]). Due to the large difference in market cap between Zordix and Adverty, the weight of Fortnox is pushed above the weight threshold limit and a intra-period rebalancing will be triggered.