NGMX Fast Exit of Lumito – Aborted

The company (Lumito AB) have aborted their planned delisting from Nordic SME so there will be no fast exit of Lumito and no fast entry of Abelco Investment Group on 2021-02-26.

Due to the delisting of Lumito after end of trading on 2021-02-25, Abelco Investment Group will have a fast entry to replace it as of 2021-02-26.

Since this event takes place between rebalancing periods and none of the constituents after the event triggers the “as needed” caps there will be no “as needed” intra-period rebalancing.

The preliminary constituents and weights of the NGMX index as of 2021-02-26 will thus be:

169151SE0003617075ABIGAbelco Investment Group2.46%
1099030SE0012481570BATEurobattery Minerals4.05%
45202SE0000524530GTAB BGlycorex Transplantation B8.87%
42935SE0000500779KOBR BKopparbergs B12.06%
3021766SE0003618230PRLDProlight Diagnostics2.84%
4062185SE0011725506ZORDIX BZordix B8.76%