NGMX Intra-period Rebalancing triggered due to fast exit of Metacon

The replacement of Metacon by Bluelake Mineral triggered the NGMX intra-period rebalancing due to the large difference in market cap. The constituents and weights of the NGMX index that will take effect as of market open on 2022-09-26:

3147123SE0008588354AGTIRA BAgtira B9.18%
2714528SE0015382148BLUEBluelake Mineral4,89%
514828SE0004210854CRWNCrown Energy15.00%
1099030SE0012481570BATEurobattery Minerals6,01%
45202SE0000524530GTAB BGlycorex Transplantation B11.80%
42941SE0018014243GRANGXGrängesberg Exploration Holding7.14%
42935SE0000500779KOBR BKopparbergs B30.00%
45192SE0001057910SOSISotkamo Silver5.31%