Upgraded feed access point in Amazon EC2

When Amazon applied patches to their EC2 infrastructure to secure it against the Meltdown vulnerability in their Intel processors on December 2017 we experienced a large performance degradation of our feed access point in AWS EC2 Ireland.

Unfortunately it turns out that network heavy distribution applications such as our feed access point is the type of application that are the most affected by the Meltdown mitigations, experiencing up to 50% performance degradation.

To mitigate this we have upgraded our feed access point in AWS EC2 to the instance type that have the highest performance available. Unfortunately upgrading to this instance type means that the old IP address cannot be retained (unfortunately the IP address of the old access point was not an Elastic address, but the new one is) and thus all users of the aws.millistream.com access point must open for port 9000/9100 (depending on if receiving delayed and/or realtime data) to IPv4 address

The CNAME in our DNS servers for aws.millistream.com will change from the current value of to at 2018-02-03.

Valid feed access points for the Millistream Data Feed (MDF):

Address 	        Provider        Location
sth2.millistream.com    IP-Only         Stockholm, Sweden 
sth.millistream.com 	Verizon 	Stockholm, Sweden
lon.millistream.com 	C4L 	        London, UK
aws.millistream.com 	Amazon EC2 	Dublin, Ireland