Millistream Data Feed API (MDF) version 1.0.19 released

Millistream is pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.19 of our open
source Data Feed API.

* updated mdf_fields.h to the latest version (5 new fields)
* the status callback function have got a new status code: MDF_STATUS_READYTOLOGON
this signals that the client<->server handshake are complete and it’s now
possible for the client to send the Logon message.
* the message callback function can now be exited before all messages have
been pulled from the queue, previously this would stall the API until there
where more data sent on the wire but now the message callback is called
immediately again if there are more messages in the queue.
* fix in mdf_message_add_time() where milliseconds could be encoded wrongly
if they where not exactly three digits long (i.e cases such as ‘.1’, ‘.01’
and ‘.001’ would all be handled as ‘.001’)
* new function mdf_message_add_time3() that works like mdf_message_add_time2()
except it encodes nanoseconds instead of milliseconds.
* the internal code for converting the on-the-wire numbers to strings for
mdf_get_next_field() was optimized for large numbers.

As usual this version of MDF is binary compatible with previous versions, so
there is no need to recompile client applications, so users (including users of
the Java JNI wrapper) can simply upgrade by replacing the libmdf file itself.

MDF 1.0.19 is available for download from the following locations:

Mac OS X:
Red Hat / CentOS:
Debian / Ubuntu:
Source code:

Linux users who have added our apt or yum repositories can upgrade by simply
issuing “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” (Debian/Ubuntu) or
“yum upgrade” (Red Hat/CentOS/AmazonLinux).

Information on how to add these repositories are available at

And as usual, if you have any questions what so ever regarding this release
or other things, don’t hesitate to contact us at

The Millistream Development Team